Luck Smiles On Grandparents Who Lost Their Daughter And Had To Raise Her Children

Rande and Jackie are the kind of people that deserve everything good in the world and although they're finally starting to have some good fortune, it wasn't always that way.

The Long Branch, New Jersey couple have been married for 17 years and for a chunk of the time they've been together they selflessly cared for their daughter, Michelle, who suffered from Lupus.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that compromises the immune system's ability to produce antibodies and causes damage to healthy tissue which in turn affects multiple parts of the body including skin, joints and organs. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, the disease affects 1.5 million Americans and can "range from mild to life-threatening."

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Unfortunately Michelle's case was extreme and she lost her battle to the disease back in 2009 at the age of 25, leaving behind three children.

Her mom and step-father stepped up to the plate after her demise and took custody of their grandchildren. Rande and Jackie have been caring for the kids ever since and doing whatever they can to ensure their future is taken care of.

This week after years of putting their grandchildren's needs before theirs, Rande and Jackie got a very much deserved surprise of a lifetime.

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As with many other middle class families, Rande and Jackie worked tirelessly to make sure that food was on the table and the kids were fed. They also occasionally bought lottery tickets in hopes to win some extra cash.

Back in March, the couple purchased a Mega Millions ticket at Long Branch Convenience on Broadway and matched all five of the white balls drawn, making them the winners of the $1 million prize money.

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“They are the most deserving people in New Jersey,” said the couple's friend Debbie, who drove them to Lottery Headquarters. “They have helped so many other people in their times of need and now it is their turn to receive this very necessary blessing.”

Rande and Jackie plan on putting the money towards their bills and support their grandchildren with future endeavors.

"I am just very grateful," Rande told lottery officials. "This will help our lives out a lot."

What a heartwarming outcome for this wonderful family!

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