Lucky Charms Channels Willy Wonka For New Giveaway

Okay, so I understand that Willy Wonka is not a real person and his chocolate factory was entirely fiction. But what I'm saying is this new Lucky Charms promotion is the closest any of us will get to a Golden Ticket feeling of euphoria.

What's the best part of any Lucky Charms box? The marshmallows, right? Right.

If you remember, Lucky Charms have away 10 boxes of exclusively marshmallow cereal in 2015, which I'm surprised no one got murdered over. Just 10 for the entire country? Inexcusable.

But now, Lucky Charms has launched a new giveaway that will quell any bad feelings you may have been left with after not getting one of their special boxes.

Lucky Charms is now going to give away 10,000 boxes of solely marshmallows.


“Fans of Lucky Charms are obsessed with our marshmallows,” Priscilla Zee, senior marketing manager of Lucky Charms, said in a statement. “We were overwhelmed with calls, emails, and tweets last year, asking for a box of our Lucky Charms marshmallows. So this year we wanted to give them even more opportunities to win.”

To win, you just have to buy a specially marked box of Lucky Charms and get an online code. Enter the code at and if you get a winning code (or a modern day Golden Ticket) they'll send you a limited edition box of goodness.


The specially marked boxes are currently in stores, so you can go out a buy a ton of them to try and win happiness.

What would you do with a box of these marshmallows if you won them?

Let us know!