Lucky Guy Gets A Free Vacation Because Of His Name

Two weeks ago, Joe McGrath from Manchester, England got the kind of text message we've all dreamed of receiving. Out of the blue, a total stranger offered him a trip to sunny Majorca, Spain, with a free flight and an all inclusive hotel.

We know what you're thinking: there must be some kind of catch, but there wasn't! It turned out a group of friends had planned the trip to celebrate their friend's 30th birthday. When one of them backed out at the last second, they were left with an extra ticket that already had his name on it.

Of course, their friend's name was also Joe McGrath. Instead of wasting his ticket, they decided to treat another lucky Joe McGrath to his accommodations.

Joe McGrath

In a Facebook post about his adventure, the replacement Joe McGrath says he was skeptical, but decided to take a chance on the offer because he got time off work.

"I drove down to Bristol on Saturday night and had a mad three days with complete strangers that I think I can all my good friends," he wrote.

"What a mega group of people! I loved every minute of it."

He also revealed that he had to be a little dishonest to go on the trip, telling his parents that he already knew his traveling partners.

I'm happy for Joe, but definitely jealous at the same time. I can't even imagine how other Joe McGraths feel knowing they missed out on this opportunity. Still, even if the trip is free, traveling with 10 other strangers isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Maybe next year these friends can go on another trip, and bring along both the McGraths this time!

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