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Luke Bryan's "No Touching" Rule Was Broken, And He's Totally Fine With It

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Luke Bryan is a pretty easy going guy! His country music is meant to lift people up, and his goofy personality does the same.

But there's something that Luke Bryan doesn't appreciate from his fans: butt touching. It used to be something that he let happen, but after a while he had to actually implement a "no touching" rule.

“It’s funny ’cause you see, like early on in your career you don’t want to tell your fans that they can’t interact with you so you let them get away with kisses on the cheek and all that,” says Bryan. “Someone will go, ‘Can I grab your butt?’ … and back then if it was a polite ask, we would oblige them. But then you got 90 others…”

The singer, who's signature move is "shaking it," stands by his rule through all his meet and greets.

But there's one fan who broke the "no touching" rule recently, but we're pretty sure Luke Bryan is totally fine with it.

Continue reading to find out who it was!

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