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He Made Fun Of Her Dog, But Her Open Letter Sets Him Straight

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A woman was walking with her dog and for some reason, a man thought he could make fun of her. The owner of a particularly unique looking dog heard a man laughing hysterically while he pointed at her lovable pup, yelling "What the f*** is that thing?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing because her dog has been through so much, so she took a moment to post a heartfelt letter to stranger online. She wasn't angry, but she was hoping to use this opportunity to help educate people on why some dogs are a little bit different.

She wrote:

"Dear guy who almost fell down laughing and posed the question "What the *f-word* is that thing?" as I was carrying Lulu into the pet store to get a new harness:

I wish you hadn't ducked into the diner so quickly once you realized that I heard you. I wasn't mad. I'm not naive, nor am I stupid. I know Lulu has a silly little face. She makes me laugh every day. This was her first trip out of the house (besides vet appointments).  It was a big trip for both of us."

The letter continued with some amazing sentiments that not every person would be able to share after hearing someone insult their dog...

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