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She Threw Her Dog A Quinceañera And I Think Everyone Should Do It Now Too

Twitter / Megan Sanchez

If you own a dog, you know exactly how wonderful they really are. Being a pet parent is an incredibly rewarding experience, that results in an unbelievable bond with that goofy creature that no one else seems to understand.

But there are people who don't own or obsess over dogs like the rest of us, and they just don't get why we care so much.

They say we take it too far, that our relationship is weird, or we spend too much time talking about what they call "just a dog." Well, for the people who don't get it, you're the ones who are wrong.

One woman decided to prove her love for her Chihuahua named Lupita, and dog lovers everywhere should applaud her efforts.

Miranda Sanchez was getting ready to celebrate her beloved pet with a Quinceañera party in her honor.

Lopez sent out invitations to all of Lupita's doggie pals, for the event taking place on July 28th.

While dog birthday parties aren't exactly the most common thing, this little pooch ended up with a quinceañera that was fancier than any of my last ten birthday celebrations.

The sweet girl wore a pink dress to the event, coordinating with her owner perfectly, but she stood out with her own little tiara.

She had a bunch of friends come join her for a dog-safe cake and glamour shots, because who could resist getting a picture with this perfect girl.

The humans got to eat delicious BBQ, so they were having just as much fun as the dogs.

Sanchez and Lupita found each other two years ago, and it seemed like it was time to celebrate in a big way.

"I've had her for two years and some months, which is almost 15 years in doggy years so I thought it would be funny to throw her a quince and embrace her Mexican heritage."

Sanchez did find that she had to reign herself in. "I was going to get mariachis, but they're like $150 - I had to remember this was for a dog," the devoted dog owner said.

"I figured it was another excuse to get my family together and eat and celebrate," Sanchez said. "I had multiple friends with dogs, so I invited them. There were seven small dogs, and they all dressed up. It was so cute."

One of the guests was her cousin Megan, who tweeted the photos, causing the story to viral.

But how did Lupita like the party? Well, like any birthday girl she had some ups and downs.

"Lupita loved it," Miranda said. "She was a bit irritated with her quince crown, but other than that, she loved having all the other doggies there."

The party was held in Sanchez's grandmother's yard, and together the whole family hung out with the group of party animals (literally) while they played with treats and toys for the evening.

While you may think that it's a lot of work just for a dog, she is obviously worth it! She's a very good girl!

A lot of other Twitter users were jealous that they hadn't been invited, but hopefully next time she can open up the guest list a bit.

Would you ever throw a birthday party for your dog?

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