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M&M's Rolling Out With New Hazelnut Spread Flavor And People Are Going Nuts

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Back in the day, shaking a handful of M&M's was the best way to get my nieces and nephews to pay attention.

These button-sized chocolate candies send a burst of delicious flavor in your mouth in an instant, which is why they became such a huge hit.

It also helps that this brand has been around since the 1940s, so many people associate their childhood with this snack.

They're constantly rolling out new flavors, and we're excited to see what new ideas they come up with.

Last year, they released Caramel M&M's, and people loved it. They may have just topped themselves this year.

After much-anticipation, Mars Inc. announced that M&M's will be releasing a new flavor, and it feels like one of our dreams has been answered.

Nutella lovers will be thrilled to hear that these colorful candies will now be filled with a hazelnut spread. Although they're not exactly adding Nutella, it will taste similar to it.

Besides, Nutella announced that they changed their recipe last year, so this new flavor may become your new favorite!

This means no gooey messes, just 100% pure satisfaction.

Of course, you can imagine the reaction to this news has been nothing but positive:

The company has more great news to share with fans...

If you love everything chocolate, you're going to be obsessed with M&M's new milk chocolate bars.

The new flavors include peanut, milk chocolate, crispy almond, and crispy mint flavor, and each of them have M&M's minis inside.  

These products are said to be available for purchase by December.

As for the Hazelnut Spread M&M's, you won't be able to find them on store shelves until April 2019, but that gives us plenty of time to share this great news with friends and family.

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Are you excited to try the new M&M's flavors?

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