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Adorable "This Is Us" Star Sells Girl Scout Cookies To Celebrities At Awards Show

NBC/ Instagram - Mackenzie Hancsicsak

The young kids on This Is Us have helped make the show so incredibly special. I know that personally when I watch, their scenes always tug at my heartstrings the most! Those kinds are just so darned talented, it's hard to keep it together when they come on screen.

I think the one I connect with most is Mackenzie Hancsicsak, who plays "Young Kate" on the show. Watching her struggle as an overweight child with self-esteem issues is way too relatable for me, and I always find her to be authentic in her acting.

Hancsicsak and the rest of the cast were nominated for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series, and while most people would have been prepping a speech or fixing their makeup, the young actress was prepped with Girl Scout cookies.

"Gearing up for SAG Awards!" Hancsicsak wrote on Twitter. "This was from last year's @NBCThisisUs win. Will it be a repeat? Tune in to find out! Sunday, 1/27 - 5 pm PT/8pm ET on TNT Drama & TBS network to watch. Look for me. I'll be the one in a blue dress w/ @girlscouts thin mint cookies in my purse."

The 10-year-old actress wasn't kidding, either. Later on the in evening, she posted a picture of herself and fellow cast member Parker Bates, who plays "Young Kevin" on the show, while she held a box of the famous cookies.

"If anyone at @SAGawards wants some @girlscouts cookies, I'm at table 34!" she reminded everyone.

It's not clear if Hancsicsak sold any boxes of cookies at the awards, but she did come home with a trophy after her and the cast won the award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series.

Since she's in the spotlight now, it's easy to forget that the young actress is still just a fifth grader who goes to school when she's not filming. In an interview with InStyle, Hancsicsak spoke about still being a kid, and how her emotional scenes are a little easier because of her co-stars.

I'm still in public school. I'm a girl scout. I love my friends, my puppies, and my awesome parents, who make sure I always will be just a kid.

So far, with all the support I get from my "family" on set and from the cast and directors, it's just been great.

Most of my emotional scenes so far have been with Milo [Ventimiglia]. He helps me be the best that I can be as a struggling little Kate, and I get a lot of love and support from him and everyone on set. It makes me feel loved and safe.


It's great to see that even though she's winning prestigious awards, Hancsicsak is still being a kid, just as it should be.

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