Detectives On The Madeleine McCann Case Find New Lead, Claim They're "Closer To Truth"

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It seems like Gerry and Katy McCann may soon get the closure they have been seeking since their daughter, Madeleine McCann, went missing more than a decade ago.

The family were holidaying in Praia de Luz, Portugal when the three-year-old girl vanished from the apartment on the resort they were staying at.

Last year, as the 10th anniversary of the missing persons case approached, many new details, theories, leads and clues about the mystery began to emerge.

Madeleine's nanny also broke her silence for the first time since that fateful night, shutting down the rumors that the toddler's parents were responsible for her disappearance.


Authorities also revealed that they have identified the mysterious "woman in purple" who, according to a couple of witnesses, was standing outside the Ocean Club apartment where the little girl was allegedly abducted from just 90 minutes before she was reported missing.

According to witness accounts, the woman, who is believed to be Luisa Todorov, a  58-year-old waitress, who worked at at a neighboring restaurant, was "acting bizarrely" and "watching intently" after the abduction.

The Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police were given a combined total of about $16 million to extend their investigation, now dubbed Operation Grange, and locate Luisa.

Since it's an ongoing investigation, detectives have not divulged much about the case to the public, but the Metropolitan Police have finally made an announcement that has given us all hope again.

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