23 "Life Hacks" From Magazines That Will Make You Say "Sorry, What?"


I'm always down for a good life hack. Who doesn't want to make their daily existence just that tiny bit easier?

Sometimes, though, magazines try to pass off the strangest advice as "life hacks" and frankly, it's offensive how ludicrous they are.

These are some of the craziest "life hacks" out there, and Jess McGuire shared them on Twitter recently. It's unclear what magazine these are from, but I know that I'll never be reading it. It's hard to tell if these are all real, or if some of them are jokes.

You be the judge.

1. Nothing says cozy like a luke-warm, damp bag of wet leaves.

2. This isn't wrong, but it's also not right.

3. If you have a teapot, couldn't you just wait to pour your drink into a cup until you're ready?

4. You can't even turn it inside out? Make it a little less obvious?

5. "Granny's Cereal" sounds like a hidden stash of drugs, but go off I guess.

6. These poor girls. I hope they got paid well to pose like this?

7. "A scary idea!" is right.

8. But if you ever plan on using the rope outside again, maybe avoid this tip.

9. How can you find an old piece of string but not a belt?

10. Sanitary pads aren't cheap!! Use a rag!!

11. How thick are your pads? They shouldn't be making that big of a difference.

12. This...this has to be a joke.

13. I'm not saying this isn't a good trick, I'm just saying that if you can see it's a salesperson, you have the option of not answering the door at all.

14. Don't eat toothpaste???? This is terrible????

15. This is arguably more "distracted driving" than actually using your phone.

16. I mean I guess it makes sense, but I don't want to have to carry a potato.

17. If they're unwanted photos, I certainly don't want to have to put them back together.

18. If you have grapes, do you tape each individual one? Or the whole bunch?

The Chive

19. You're going to need a lot of mouthwash if you want more than one shot glass.

20. I think I did this in kindergarten for Mother's Day.

21. You do you, Cathy.


22. Similar idea to covering your couches in plastic, but not as practical.

23. No thank you.

What's the craziest life hack you've ever heard?

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