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Major Development in Case of Sister Cathy, The Nun Who 'Knew Too Much'

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Father Maskell passed away in 2001 during the ongoing murder investigation of Sister Cathy. Now, 16 years later, his body is being exhumed to gather more evidence.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Father Maskell's DNA will be compared to DNA found at the scene of Sister Cathy's death.

"I think if the various law enforcement agencies had done a proper job in the '70s, that could have avoided the necessity to do [an exhumation] in 2017," Joanne Suder, the attorney for Maskell's alleged victims, said.

Police spokeswoman Elise Armacost says police "have never established that [Cesnik] was killed because of information that she had about abuse in the Catholic Church." And while there is not a lot of physical evidence remaining from the crime scene, police "felt very strongly that in the interest of leaving no stone unturned, it was necessary to exhume Maskell's body and compare his DNA to the evidence that is remaining."

The Washington Post

Sister Cathy's murder has prompted Netflix to produce a 7 part series that will look at how the case was handled and speak with some of the students who were abused by Father Joseph Maskell.

Despite the series, called The Keepers being released next week, police say the documentary played no role in exhuming Father Maskell's body.

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