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Make A Fist Then Look At Your Hand To Discover Your Leadership Style


Our bodies have hidden clues about our inner self that are just waiting to be revealed. Palmistry teaches us that we can learn a lot about ourselves simply by looking at the lines on our palm or the bracelet rings around our wrists.

But did you know that how we hold our hands when we make a fist also says a lot about the type of leader we have the potential to be?

Forget about the rules for a proper fighting fist. Close your eyes and just let your hand take the shape that comes most natural to you. Then open your eyes and look down.

What does your fist say about you?







Now turn the page and see what each one means!

Not everyone will be a leader in their lives, but everyone has the potential to stand up and take the reigns if the situation calls for it.

Whether you know it or not, you have unique qualities that will serve you well when the time comes for you to take the lead.

Maybe you find yourself thrust into a new management role at the office, or you're a young parent juggling children and a full-time job.

No matter how you are called to leadership, find out your personal style below!

Three inspiring leaders who listened, Abe Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson MandelaNaijapr

Thumb on Top

You are an inspiring and energizing leader.

You are a natural student who loves learning new things and exploring new places. As a leader, you're the adventurous type - inspiring others to seek out new horizons and challenges.

You're also extremely altruistic, the kind of leader who has the time to listen to every voice - even the meekest of your crew feels like he or she has your faith.

You have high expectations of others, but you will also go above and beyond for your friends and family.

Analytical leaders, Bill Gates and Ariana HuffingtonAustralian Institute of Business / Twitter

Thumb Inside

You are a thoughtful and analytical leader.

As a leader, you're not interested in winning over 'likes.' Instead, you're concerned with figuring out the best way to get the job done effectively and on time.

You are precise, sharp and shrewd. You have a clear vision of the end goal and you know exactly what needs to happen to get there. Once others see the plan as clearly as you do, they're inspired to work hard for the reward.

Your precision and thoughtfulness play to your advantage, but sometimes you demand too much of yourself and others.

Unconventional leaders, Malala Yousafzai and Elon Fair

Thumb on the side

You are a creative and unconventional leader.

Whether or not you know it, you've got a maverick streak in your personality that enables you to seek out new and alternative ways to lead.

You don't necessarily think like the pack, which is a good quality to have when it comes to figuring a way out of a tricky situation. You're the kind of leader people turn to in times of trouble, because you always seem to know how to find the trap door in a windowless room.

Your quick mind generates numerous ideas and you can see the possibilities where others only see problems.

How accurate was this? Were you surprised to learn that you had a hidden leadership style?

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