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Thanksgiving Meals You Can Start Making Right Now

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It's official. You have less than two weeks to prepare for Thanksgiving, and by now you probably have a good idea of who is coming over for dinner, making sure the family all gathers around the table for prayer and delicious homemade food. Are you ready for it?

If not, then here are a handful of recipes that you can start on so that everything goes smoothly on turkey day!

Butternut Squash & Feta Tartlets

A fantastic appetizer that is easy to pull off and will get everyone at the table hungry for more! These teeny-tiny pies don't require much cooking and are super easy to fill. Replace the homemade dough with some tart shells and you'll be all set to go! Just make sure you don't fill up before the main course!

Grilled Onion Dip

Another great way to start off the feast and will also ensure that no one is in the kitchen just "tasting" dinner before it hits the table! This dip couldn't be easier to make and can be stored in the fridge the night before so there's no worrying about it on the big day! Just have enough chips on hand because this dip is addictive!

Fennel-Roasted Olives

This one works equally well as bite-sized starters, or as take-home jars for your friends and family members! If you're worried about pickling don't worry, because this just requires roasting and coating veggies in delicious sherry! These will keep for an entire month, but I highly doubt that you won't eat them all before that!

Green Bean Bacon Bundles

These taste as good as they sound, and don't they just sound amazing? While some people are skeptical of green beans, they are a really healthy choice, and of course everything is improved by bacon, and there are so many variations on spices that can be used to make these already awesome bundles and make them unique to your family gathering! Check out the recipe here for inspiration!

Pumpkin And Sage Soup

Is it really Thanksgiving if there isn't a hearty soup on the table? Why not switch up the traditional butternut squash recipe with something just as seasonal? This soup is thick and if served hot will keep all the relatives toasty warm as the turkey gets ready to come out of the oven! It will take the better part of two hours to prepare, but you can make it two days before you're ready to serve it!

If you're already excited by these recipes then let's dive deeper and see how you can save time by making these tasty meals that even the in-laws will love!

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