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Make Dad's Day Extra Special With Father's Day Crafts

Skip the busy stores this weekend and make something from the heart to show dad how much you care.

You don't have to spend a fortune to make something that dad will want to look at every day.

Using hand prints and simple craft items, you can quickly put together a craft that your kids can be proud to make, and dad will love to receive.

Scrabble Tile Coaster

Recycle old scrabble tiles and make a fun project that dad will love. You can spell all sorts of words that help describe dad. This easy project won't take long to make and will be done just in time for Father's Day.

Golf Card

For the golfing dad, here is a card that will definitely steal his heart. It won't take long to cut out those little hand shapes and share a sweet message of appreciation to dad.

Sharpie Mugs

Does dad like his morning buzz? Sharpie mugs are an easy and fun way to make a personalized gift on a budget. Grab a white dollar store mug and transform it into something memorable for dad. This is a great craft to make with the kids and dad will always be thinking of them when he has his morning coffee.

Hands on Me Tie

While ties may be a cliche Father's Day gift, this is one that he will love to receive! The little hands that welcome him home from work everyday will be on his tie as a reminder about how much they look forward to getting their hands on him. This craft is easy to make and will be a precious memento for dad.

Continue to the next page for more DIY card ideas and a beer mug he will want to get his hands on.

Whether you are crafting for a Golf Dad, Handyman Dad or a Gardening Dad there is a craft that they will love to receive.

If you already have the perfect gift line up, match it with a DIY card that he will be proud to display for everyone to see.

As a daycare provider, mom or grandparent, this is a great activity to do with the little ones to help celebrate dad's special day this weekend.

Tool Box Card

Is dad handy? Maybe your little ones look forward to spending time with dad in his workshop or they're just constantly asking him to fix things. This card is adorable and perfect for those tool capable dads.

Sweet Beer Mug

Does dad have a sweet tooth? He will love to receive this beer mug filled with sweets! Grab some wrapped yellow candies to be the 'beer' in the bottom of the mug and top it with some marshmallows for the 'foam'. You may want to include a can of actual beer in the gift that he can enjoy after the little ones go to bed.

Mason Jar Terrarium

Does dad have a green thumb? This sentimental mason jar terrarium is fun for those kids who love to look for rocks and dig in the dirt. It's easy to make and dad can watch it grow on his desk and be reminded of the kids that love him dearly.

Fry Guy Card

This adorable printable card is a unique way to celebrate Father's Day. Recreate it with colored paper and markers and make a sweet memento to celebrate the day.

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Dad can never have enough pictures of their little ones. Whethtier you want to frame one of his favorite photos or you want to create a new silly image for the occasion, this is a great chance to create a beautiful craft that he will love!

How will you be celebrating dad this Father's Day?