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Make Your Own Natural Mosquito Repellent in 3 Easy Steps

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Do you avoid camping and the cottage because you're afraid of bugs swarming you and leaving itchy reminders of your outdoor adventure?

Instead of coating yourself with chemical sprays to keep the bugs away, try a natural remedy that will tell the insects to "bug off" when you're enjoying the outdoors this summer.

Natural homemade insect repellents are great for mosquitoes, flies and other annoying seasonal bugs you find in the summer. You can tweak your formula to your liking and apply it with confidence, knowing exactly what is in it.

Mosquito bites not only carry an itchy bump on your skin that can drive you nuts until it heals, but there's also a health risk to these insect bites.

It's important to be aware that West Nile Virus can be transmitted though mosquito bites, so preventing them removes your risk of getting sick.

If you do get an itchy bug bite this summer, you can always treat that naturally with this homemade after bite recipe. You can always use these 6 home remedies to treat your bug bites without having to head to the store for more supplies.

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