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Mama Cat Surprises Everyone When She Adopts Two Chihuahua Puppies As Her Own

Rivalries don't count when there are babies involved! Or at least that's what Nessy decided when the workers at the SPCA in Brevard, Fl asked her if she would help out some newborns. It didn't matter to her that these little ones weren't the same species, she knew she had to help or they wouldn't make it.

Nessy is a 2-year old Siamese cat who just had a litter of kittens last week. A chihuahua in the shelter was also pregnant, but happened to go into labor prematurely. 2 of her babies didn't make it, and she ended up rejected the survivors.

The chances of survival were slim for the little chihuahua mix puppies, but the shelter workers thought it was worth a try to save them.. They introduced the puppies to the litter of kittens to see if Nessy would accept them. By Thursday morning she was feeding them and grooming them as if they were her own.

Nessy loves all of her babies, even the ones that look a little different. She is the best mom a baby could ask for!

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