Mama Cat Survives Dog Attack, But Her Unborn Babies Don't. What Happens When She Sees This Puppy Shocks Everyone

After being viciously attacked by a pack of dogs, there was no way Gertrude the cat could trust a dog again. But when she sees a motherless puppy, Gertrude's broken heart caused her to do something no one expected

Gertrude the cat was rescued after being brutally attacked by some dogs in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. A good Samaritan found her in the nick of time and brought her to Compassion Without Borders in Santa Rosa, California.

Compassion Without Borders

Gertrude's injuries were so severe that she was brought to surgery immediately, where doctors discovered she was pregnant. Sadly, she lost all of her babies from the attack.

The sweet kitty pulled through and recovered in spite of the terrible loss and shock from the attack. Although she knew instinctively that something was missing when she woke up - her babies.

Compassion Without Borders

In the strange way that destiny works itself out, Gertrude's lonely mother's heart drew her to the cries of an abandoned puppy.

Clementine, the puppy, was a very sick baby when she came to the clinic with her three littermates. Sadly, she was the only one to survive. Abandoned by her mother and without brothers and sisters to cuddle with, Clementine needed love no more than ever.

Compassion Without Borders

One day, as clinic manager, Claudia, was walking by Gertrude's cage with Clementine, she her heard a strange sound coming from the cat.

Gertrude was chirping at little Clementine and head butting against the cage. Mama cats will chirp to their babies as a special way to communicate and as soon as Gertrude saw little Clementine, her instincts went into overdrive.

Christi Camblor, co-founder of Compassion Without Borders tells The Dodo that they decided to carefully introduce the heartbroken creatures. To everyone's surprise, they bonded immediately!

Compassion Without Borders

Gertrude is so happy to have her 'baby' to take care of that she purrs and purrs whenever Clementine is near. The little puppy is just so pleased to have a mama that she follows Gertrude everywhere she goes!

Compassion Without Borders

Now, these two are inseparable! Gertrude cries whenever her baby is away and Clementine whines when she can't find her 'mama.'

The little family was moved into foster care, where they can cuddle as much as they like.

Compassion Without Borders

Compassion Without Borders

"We're going to try and see if there's anyone who'd be willing to open their home to both of these guys." Cristi tells The Dodo, "we're hoping the right people will step forward who will be able to offer a cat and a puppy a home."

Take a look at this adorable video - if you think you could be the right family for  both Gertrude and Clementine, contact Compassion Without Borders here.

[h/t : LoveMeow / The Dodo]