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Mama Dog Rescues Her Puppy From Near Fatal Disaster

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A mother's instincts will help them protect their babies no matter what. It isn't just human mothers that are protective of their babies, dogs will also do everything in their power to keep their pups safe from all life's scariest moments.

The problem is, moms can't possible see everything. Those adventurous puppies can do a lot in just a few minutes while their mom's heads are turned, and sometimes this can be incredibly dangerous.

A dog was trying to get away from an insanely large rainstorm when one of her pups went missing. She turned to see him fall into a puddle, but it was deeper than anyone expected. She frantically began to search for him, but it wasn't working.

Viral Press

Luckily, her owner found her digging in a puddle and started to help, knowing that something was very wrong. The problem was she wouldn't stop so there wasn't much he could do to help. When she dove under the water and became completely submerged they weren't sure what to expect.

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