Mama June Reveals She May Be Going Blind During A Trip To The Emergency Room

Last April, Mama June Shannon revealed her dramatic three-hundred-pound weight loss. The reality star unveiled her new svelte figure during the finale of her show Mama June: From Not to Hot, which chronicled her tough journey as she made major changes to her lifestyle.

Mama June had to undergo surgery three times to achieve the results that took her from a size 24 to size four. She had gastric sleeve surgery, skin removal surgery, a tummy tuck and breast lift.

"I've worked my ass off, working out getting healthy," said Mama June. "And now I feel like becoming the person on the outside that I always felt like on the inside."

Unfortunately, over the last couple of months, the state of her health has not improved as much as she thought it would when she shed the pounds.


Right before Christmas, it was revealed that Mama June was facing "her biggest battle yet" during one of the episodes of her show, and that was just one of health many scares she experienced in 2017.

"I've been through hell and back the last few months. I've been through a lot within the last year. I don't wanna give away too much, but it's been crazy," she told ET. "There have been some crazy ones, anywhere from being in a hospital a ton of times. It's just crazy."

"You never know if you're going to get good or bad news," said her daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson. "Sometimes it can get overwhelming."

Alana was definitely not exaggerating. Once again, Mama June has been rushed to the emergency room, but this time, her condition could change her life forever.

In an exclusive clip obtained by People, Mama June's boyfriend, Geno, and Honey Boo Boo had to drive her to the hospital after she woke up unable to see anything.

The 38-year-old expressed concern that she may need to undergo surgery to fix whatever the problem is.

"This is my good eye. If I lose total sight in [my left] eye, I'll be blind," she explained. "He could tell me there's nothing he can do."

Of course, her concerns are validated because she has already lived through the same experience four years ago, and it resulted in her completely losing vision in her right eye.

Unable to really put into words what the current state of her eyes are like, she asked Honey Boo Boo to cover her right eye then place another hand over the middle of her left eyes.

"I can see barely," Honey Boo Boo said, to which Mama June replied, "See, it's hard!"

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The concerned reality star also admitted that she wished she had her pregnant daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon around while she goes through this hurdle because she's the only one who would really understand.  

"...She had eye problems at one time and had to have eye surgery," Mama June revealed.

While the entire ordeal is sad and unfortunate, it was truly heartbreaking  when Mama June opened up about the fear that she may never get the chance to see her loved ones again.

"I may not even be ale to see Pumpkin's baby," she said.

At this time, it's unclear what doctor's have diagnosed Mama June with, but it will most likely be revealed in the upcoming episode of From Not to Hot. We really hope doctors are able to save her vision.

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