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Mama June Back In The Public Eye After Weight Loss Surgery

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"I'm looking at myself here in the mirror and I can barely recognize my own self," Mama June said. "Just 11 months ago, I weighed 352 pounds and I never thought this weight loss would be possible. It's been a long road through all these three surgeries, struggling with my emotional eating, these intense workouts, a dress I thought I would never be able to fit into, dealing with my ex's fiancé/soon-to-be Alana's stepmom, and all the while I'm trying to stay healthy and good for my kids."

It seems that despite her stress, Mama June is still sticking with her workout routine!

The Honey Boo Boo star was spotted outside her home and looked great.

Radar Online
Radar Online

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows how hard it is to maintain, so you really have to hand it to Mama June and her efforts! Keep it up!

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