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His Cat Was Acting Strange, After Going To The Vet He Realized He Was "Kidnapped"

We've shared a few lighthearted crime stories in the past, but normally kidnapping isn't a laughing matter.

Clarke Gayford, seen here with his wife and a cat who probably belongs to him.Doug Sherring / NZ Herald

This story is an exception, mainly because it has a happy ending for everyone involved and because it features a pair of adorable cats. It comes courtesy of Clarke Gayford, a TV host who shared the comedy of errors that his friend found himself in.

The cat's strange behavior earned a trip to the vet.NZClarke / Twitter

It all began when the man's cat started acting a little strange. There's no word on what the cat was up to, but it's safe to say the owner knew something was wrong, and took his pet to the vet. That's where the animal was prescribed a dose of anti-anxiety medicine to help her calm down.

The cat had to be locked in a bedroom to help the animal calm down.NZClarke / Twitter

But apparently the cat wouldn't relax, and her owner was forced to keep her locked in his bedroom for a few days until the medicine kicked in. After almost a week of dealing with this anxious cat, you can imagine how surprised her owner was when his real cat walked through the door.

Yes, it seems there was a mix-up, and the story only got stranger after that...

Not only had the cat owner spent $130 on anxiety medicine for his neighbor's cat, but he had also fed it and kept it in his home for almost a week.

The neighbor's cat (left) and the owner's real cat.NZClarke / Twitter

While the two animals certainly look alike, and it's easy to understand why the misunderstanding happened, there were definitely warning signs overlooked by the people in this story. Gayford says his friend's neighbor actually asked about the missing feline the day is disappeared.

"Na, sorry," he replied, "just my cat in here." The veterinarian has his own share of the blame too, since the neighbor's cat was a boy and Gayford's friend's cat was a girl. Surprisingly, that never came up during the cat's examination. Thankfully, once the mix-up was discovered the cat was returned to his rightful owner.

The neighbor's text suggest he wasn't bothered by the kidnapping.NZClarke / Twitter

And judging by the neighbor's text message to Gayford's friend, the cat wasn't too frazzled by his abduction. Of course, being dosed with anxiety medicine for a week probably made him very relaxed about the whole thing.

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[H/T: NZ Herald]

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