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Man Blindsided When A Rogue Deer Charges Him After Getting Out Of His Truck

You normally wouldn't think that exiting a car was a dangerous objective, but for poor Cary McCook it really became quite the endeavor.

McCook was getting stropped off at the Stork's Nest Inn located in Smithers, British Columbia where he was supposed to go hand out after work. Instead, he had a once in a lifetime experience that no one would believe.

Just as he started to walk away he saw something barreling towards him, and before he could move it crashed into him and knocked him to the ground. What was it? A DEER! A deer ran right for him, knocked him over and then got up and bolted away.

No one believed his story because it happened on April Fool's Day, so he went to the Inn and taped the CCTV. You can clearly see the deer slam into him, and you can even see another deer running on the other side of the truck in the video.

McCook said that his shoulder was a bit sore after the hit but he was mostly fine. Just a little confused. Check it out for yourself!