Man Gets Trapped Against Train Platform, Strangers Band Together For The Most Amazing Rescue [Video]

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The negative reports stemming from the news might make the world seem like a dark place, but every so often something incredible happens and restores our faith in people. There is still so much good in this world and an incident that occurred at a train station in Australia is proof enough.

What was a normal daily commute for residents of Perth turned into an extraordinary day after a fellow passenger at Stirling station failed to mind the gap and got his leg stuck between the platform and the train car.

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The man, known only as Andy was on his way to board the 8:50am train when the freak accident took place, but thankfully the conductor was altered in the nick of time and the train stayed put.

"He stood in the doorway and as he was sort of taking up his position there, one leg slipped outside the door, slipped outside the gap, and he was stuck," said David Hynes, a Transperth spokesman.

Dozens of passengers tried to help Andy get his leg out but their efforts failed.

"They couldn't get my knee past the gap," Andy said.

Instead of fussing over the delay caused by the unfortunate incident the passengers came up ideas to help Andy and teamed up with the transit authorities to assist him while an ambulance made its way to the station.

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