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Man Introduces New Puppy In The Most "Stupidly Over-The-Top" Way

Any and all pet owners will tell you having a pet is like having a child. You love it, care for it, feed it, clean up after it, and let it live in your house rent free.

So, like with any child, you want to let the world know they have arrived. Pregnancy and birth announcements have gotten to be super over-the-top, so Andy Camera decided he wanted to do the same for his new puppy, Charlie.

Andy had been waiting for the perfect time to get a puppy, so when he moved into a pet-suitable place, he decided to get a golden doodle. Great choice.

As for the announcement, Andy felt it had to express the same level excitement that he was feeling. That's when he got inspired.

"I wanted a grandiose and stupidly over-the-top way to announce Charlie to the world," Andy said. "So the intro to 'The Lion King' sprung into my head!"

Because why not, right? Andy set up a make-shift green screen and got to work. It took some time, but he says Charlie played right along. He did need a little rest afterwards, though.

"While Charlie was having a king-sized nap, I did the editing and uploaded the video," said Andy.

This is the finished product, and it's pretty incredible!