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Man Pranks His Wife With A Fake Lottery Win, Then He Realizes He Actually Won

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Husbands are notorious for being jokesters. They love to play pranks, tell jokes, and make their wives laugh. For one husband, his long-running joke ended up winning him the lottery.

Lee Davies always joked with his fiancee that he won the lottery, and eventually she stopped believing him. He let it go for a few years, and then got an "unexplainable urge" to buy another scratch ticket after two years.

"I used to buy the scratchcards quite often, but I hadn't for two years or so," says Davies. "It always felt as though I would always get two matching symbols, and then wouldn't get the third. I don't know what happened on that particular day, for some reason I was just drawn to the red scratchcard. I went into J&N Superfoods in Wolverhampton, and picked up a ticket. Maybe it was because I had just picked up my wages, I don't know. When I scratched off the third symbol, I just couldn't believe it at all. The woman behind the counter was jumping up and down, and she was shaking because she was so excited for me."

But Lee's fiancee, Carryann, had a different reaction.

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