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When His Daughter's Killer Escaped Justice, He Kidnapped The Man Himself

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Zimbio / Daily Mail

When 14-year-old Kalinka Bamberski was found dead, no one suspected her stepfather.

The seemingly healthy teenage girl had died while on vacation in Germany with her family in 1982.

Kalinka, with her step-father Dieter Krombach, her brother and her mother.The Daily Mirror

Just hours earlier, her step-father, a doctor named Dieter Krombach, had given her a mysterious injection of cobalt-iron. Krombach later said it was meant to help Kalinka tan, but investigators believe it caused the girl's death by suffocation later that night.

At Kalinka's autopsy, signs that she had been sexually abused were also discovered, but no investigation was opened into her death and no case was opened against Krombach.

Andre Bamberski holds up a picture of his late daughter.La Depeche

Kalinka's biological father, Andre Bamberski, was the first person to seriously suspect Krombach as her killer. “It is not possible that a young girl of less than 15, in excellent health, in great physical shape, and who, in addition, was splendid and very smart, should die, just like that, without anyone knowing about it — that we should forget her,” he said about her case.

His suspicions seemed to be confirmed two years later, when Krombach was convicted of drugging, kidnapping and raping another teenage girl.

Bamberski, at a protest about his daughter's case.Le Express

But when Krombach was tried for Kalinka's murder in Germany, where the family was vacationing at the time of her death, the court ruled there wasn't enough evidence to tie him to the crime. Since this was before the EU was established, there was also no chance for Krombach to be extradited to Bamberski's home country of France.

While it seemed like his daughter's killer would go free, Bamberski took justice into his own hands.

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