Man Knits A Sweater For Every Landmark He Visits (Photos)

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Anyone who's ever looked through a set of boring vacation photos can learn something from Sam Barsky.

The Baltimore artist wears his heart on his sleeve wherever he goes, sporting a handmade sweater that features a design of the landmark he's visiting.

The 42-year-old artist claims he started the trend "unintentionally"  but it's now his claim to fame. Since 1999, Barsky has taken more than 100 photos of himself at landmarks around the world.

The Eiffel Tower (actually a model in Las Vegas)Artistic Knitting of Sam Barsky / Facebook

It takes a solid month of knitting to make just one of his sweaters. Locations featured include hugely popular tourist sites like Stonehenge:

But also local landmarks like the transmission towers by his house:

Times Square (New York City)Artistic Knitting of Sam Barsky / Facebook
The Wailing Wall (Jerusalem)Artistic Knitting of Sam Barsky / Facebook
Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)Artistic Knitting of Sam Barsky / Facebook

See more of Barsky's designs - including the strangest one of all - on the next page!

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