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Man Suffering From Rare Condition Hears 'God Save The Queen' On Repeat

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An 87-year-old man is suffering from a bizarre condition which forces him to hear "God Save the Queen" a staggering 1,700 times a week.

Ron Goldspink from Hull, England has been diagnosed with Musical Ear Syndrome. The condition causes individuals who suffer from hearing loss to experience musical auditory hallucinations.

“It started about three or four months ago. The version I hear is sung by a male choir," he said.

The pensioner had previously believed he heard the UK's national anthem coming from the residence of his next door neighbor, The Sun reports.

"I complained about my next door neighbor who I thought was playing music and keeping me awake at night," Goldspink said. “My son complained to the council, and when they came down I told them I could hear this music coming from through the wall every night.

“They went next door and my neighbor said they were not playing anything, and I realized it was just me that could hear it,” he said.

While the condition often affects those with tinnitus, Goldspink said he was stunned when he contracted the ailment.

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