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Man Reported To Police For Putting Mustard On His Pop-Tarts

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In a tweet that has since been deleted, an Illinois man wrote “You guys aint [sic] from Illinois if you don’t put mustard on your poptarts [sic],” alongside a photo of his fruit-flavored pastry covered in the yellow condiment. There was understandably a lot of backlash from other Twitter users, but what was probably most surprising was the response from the official Pop-Tarts Twitter account!

In case you missed that, yes, Pop-Tarts just asked the Illinois State Police to intervene on their behalf! Apparently a crime against breakfast has been committed, and justice needs to be served.

The best part is, when the Illinois State Police Department didn't respond, other law enforcement agencies did!

Apparently this was an even bigger offence than anyone could have dreamed of!

Do you think the mustard mischief maker should be brought to justice?

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