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Man Living With Disability Never Has To Worry About Money Again After Selling A "Worthless" Blanket

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It's a dream we all have: find something that looks really old and hope that it's worth enough money to give us peace of mind for the next few years.

Unfortunately, most of us will have to dream on.

One man's forgotten family blanket, which was tucked away in his closet for many years, made his dreams come true.

"Krytzer's left leg was amputated due to complications stemming from a car accident two years earlier."CNBC

Loren Krytzer was broke and unemployed, renting out a $700 shack on the edge of California's Liona Valley. He had been surviving on $900 disability checks per month, after he lost a leg in a car accident, leaving him only $200 each month to spend.

"It was rough," he told CNBC Make It. "I mean, we would literally go to Costco … and get a Costco hot dog and a Coke cause they were $1.50." He added that some nights he would drink vodka to ease the phantom pains in his leg.

But how did he discover the worth of a blanket he deemed to be worthless?

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