Man Shamed For Proposing To His Girlfriend At NYC Marathon

Many women dream about the day their partner gets down on one knee and pops the question.

Kaitlyn Curran always wondered what that moment would be like for her, but never did she expect her boyfriend Dennis Galvin, to ask her to marry him in the midst of a marathon she was participating in.

After four years of dating, Galvin was convinced that Curran was "the one," and decided to propose while she ran her first-ever marathon in New York City.

Galvin, who was said to be "nervous" leading up to the proposal, dropped down one one knee as Curran neared the 16-mile mark of the New York City Marathon to ask her the big question.

In the now-viral moment, Curran, who appeared visibly surprised, said "yes" before continuing her race.

"She cried a little bit, said yes, hugged him and then said 'OK, I have to go finish my race,'" Galvin's cousin Kathleen Figueroa told CBS News.

While the couple and their families were over the moon, there were some Twitter users who weren't happy about how Galvin went about the proposal.

Many were enraged over the fact that Galvin interrupted his now-fiancee's race and ruined her pace.

Some questioned why he couldn't wait until Curran got to the finish line.

One Twitter user didn't think the setting was romantic enough, and Galvin could've done it a little bit better if he had waited until the end of the marathon.

There were others who felt that staging such a public proposal is basically bullying a woman "into yes as crowd watches."

One user asked what would've happened if the scenarios were different and he interrupted a "huge work presentation" instead of a race.

A fellow runner revealed that she too was proposed at the NYC Marathon, but her fiance waited until after she finished to ask her to marry him. Had he done it in the middle of the race, she said she would "100% say no."

Of course, there were plenty of people who congratulated the happy couple on their engagement, and came to Galvin's defense.

"Maybe he just knew that the time wasn't that a big deal to her," one supporter said, but that was immediately shut down by those who understood the importance of time when running a big race.

Despite the criticism and shaming, Figueroa told CBS that Curran and Galvin are "both very happy," and they all "can't wait for the wedding."

Regardless of what people on the internet say, all that matters is that Curran said "yes," and they are happy together.

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