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Man Thinks He's Rescued A Litter Of Newborn Puppies, But He's In For A Surprise

Let me give you a scenario: You're out for a walk and you hear a sound. When you go to investigate, you find a litter of newborn abandoned puppies. What do you do?

This exact thing happened to Craig Mcgettrick and he scooped the babies up to bring them to safety.

Mcgettrick had been clearing garbage out of a garden with a coworker in England when they found the babies lodged under a mattress. He thought the newborns were either puppies or kittens, but he was wrong.

"Those were probably the only two options I knew of," Mcgettrick told the Dodo. "We thought someone had dumped them knowing we were going to remove rubbish."

Paul McDonadl

Mcgettrick collected the babies in a cardboard box and brought them to a shelter. The unsuspecting man then posted a bunch of photos on Facebook, announcing that he'd found some puppies and brought them to an animal sanctuary.

Craig Mcgettrick

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They looked a lot like puppies, but one woman named Beccie wasn't so sure. She shared the photos with Martin Hemmington, the founder of the National Fox Welfare Society.

Hemmington confirmed that they were not in fact puppies but wild fox cubs. "Beccie advised us that they had been taken to a rescue center in Liverpool mistakenly as puppies, not fox cubs," he said.

Craig Mcgettrick

Come to think of it, I've actually never seen a fox cub before, so I wouldn't know what they look like. Since grown foxes have a red, white, and black coloring, you'd expect the babies to look similar. According to Paul McDonald, a local animal rescue worker, people confuse the cubs with puppies all the time, and the cubs don't become the "red, ginger color of adults" until later on.

Craig Mcgettrick

Furthermore, it was doubtful the cubs had been abandoned.

"Vixens leave their cubs all the time whilst they are in the den, and as they get older they'll begin to explore their surroundings more and more, and become less dependent on mum as they get older," McDonald said.

Craig Mcgettrick

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McDonald went to the shelter to collect the baby foxes, and brought them back to the garden where Craig Mcgettrick had originally found them.

"I didn't give the cubs any milk in order for them to be hungry so they'd cry out and call for their mum, which they did," McDonald said. "I put them around the same place they were found, as I knew the mum would be looking for them, and she'd be checking the place she last had them."

McDonald didn't have to wait long. The mom arrived and began transporting her cubs to a new location one by one.

Posted by National Fox Welfare Society on Thursday, March 16, 2017

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