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Man Ate Protein Powder For 3 Weeks Before Finding A Dead Mouse Inside

Warning: You may never look at a bag of whey protein powder the same way again.

25-year-old Adam Brenton from Manchester says he has been using My Protein powder for years, but one day he found something horrifying inside the bag.

Brenton had already been using the shake powder for three weeks when he found a dead mouse embedded in the powder.

"I have ordered from the company for eight years and I’ve never had a problem before," Brenton said. "Generally speaking I don’t look into the bag, but I started to scoop it out and I felt resistance to the glide through the powder."

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"I didn’t think anything of it, I scooped again and the same thing happened. I then went to see what was in it, and saw the mouse."

He said he didn't realize it was a mouse at first. "Then I brought it up to the light and I dropped the bag in horror...I couldn’t eat my dinner because I felt physically sick," he said.

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Brenton claims his health has been put at risk by the incident although he hasn't reported any illness. He also said his girlfriend had nightmares about the dead mouse. Needless to say, he's demanding compensation from the company.

Adam regularly buys the 1.45kg bag for £21 online and gets it shipped to his house. He claims the mouse must have got into the bag during processing, since he doesn't have mice in his house.

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"I checked the bag for holes and bite marks and I couldn’t see any," he said. "The mouse must have been buried in the powder and I have slowly revealed it over the three weeks. I don't know where in the process it has happened."

The company responded with a statement: "My Protein treats all customer complaints extremely seriously and is investigating the incident as a matter of urgency."

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