Man Who Picks Up 50 Bags of Dog Poop A Day Banned From Cleaning Up

Steven Heard picks up 50 bags of dog poop a day. And no, it's not from his dog.

The dad-of-four had to start cleaning up other people's dog poop after it kept getting stuck in the wheels of his mobility scooter.

Steven, who suffers from diabetes and deafness, has started leaving notes on trash bins and spray painting the side walks where people are leaving their dog poop in an attempt to shame those who don't pick up after their pets.

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Now, three years after this all started, Steven has been hit with an "acceptable behavior contract" from the city council.

"It makes no sense - I do all their dirty work for free and go to meetings, but they made me sign up to this ABC," Steven says. "They say they don't have the funding to clear it all up and then they do this. I don't do it because I enjoy it, I do it for the people of Minehead."

But Steven's vigilante practices aren't always appreciated by others. One piece of hate mail read, "If you can't walk Steven Heard then how the f*** can you pick up your f*****g dog poo?''.

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Steven's ABC states, he cannot "interfere in any with the council's operation to target dog fouling in the Minehead area. This includes picking up dog mess, leaving dog mess anywhere, and posting signs on council land."

He also must "not communicate with the council regarding the above, other than to report incidents you have witnessed in the agreed manner, namely using the online form."

So it's not just that he can't spray paint, Steven isn't allowed to pick up the dog poop which then gets stuck in his mobility scooter.

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Mirror UK

Do you think the city was right to ban Steven from picking up dog poop around the area?

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