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Man Who Survived 3 Terrorist Attacks Shares What Kept His Spirit Strong

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Earlier this summer, we shared the surprising story of Julia Monaco with you. The Australian tourist found herself nearby during three terrorist attacks in less than three months while touring Europe.

Monaco survived the attacks in Barcelona, Paris and London.Yahoo AU

While Monaco was unscathed but obviously shaken by her experiences, it seems there was someone with even worse luck than her. Between 2013 and 2016, Mason Wells was either near or directly involved in three terrorist attacks. The most recent one, last year's airport bombing in Brussels, almost took the young man's life.

Wells' mother finished the Boston Marathon just before the bomb exploded.Mason Wells / Facebook

Wells' first brush with danger came at age 16, when he traveled from Utah to Boston with his family to watch his mother compete in the Boston Marathon. Of course, this was the 2013 race which was targeted by terrorists. Luckily, Wells' mother finished the race before the bomb exploded near the finish line.

But Wells, a devout Mormon, says the experience made him ask big questions about God, and why he would allow such bad things to happen.

Emergency workers treat victims of the Bataclan theater shooting.

Those questions were on his mind again when he traveled to France as a missionary. Wells was in the country during the 2015 terror attack that killed more than 130 people in Paris. While he was far away from the action during this second attack, Wells wasn't so lucky the next time.

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