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Man Wins Lottery After Stopping To Put Air In His Tires

We've all dreamed about winning the lottery. What would you do with that money?

I've got a list of people I'm ready to give money to, as well as some big vacation plans ahead of me! After a while, though, you start to feel like an idiot wasting money on the lottery week after week.

One woman was so fed up with her husband buying lottery tickets, so bought one to prove what a waste of money it is. She ended up winning $1,000,000! HOPE FOR US ALL!

Anthony Iavarone, of Clifton Park, New York had a similar experience.

Iavarone was stopped at a local gas station to fill his tires with air. He figured he may as well buy a lottery ticket while he was there.

Continue reading to find out how much money Iavarone won!

Iavarone chose to play the $10 Cashword scratch-off ticket because it's the one his aunt always plays. He didn't believe he won at first, so he had to get his dad to double-check.

Iavarone hit the $1,000,000 jackpot. He'll be walking away with $661,800 after taxes.

Do you play the lottery?

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