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Man Wins The Lottery With Numbers He Saw In His Dream

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Nearly everyone has at least once in their life dreamt of winning the lottery, but only few among us will actually see it come true.

For Victor Amole, he literally had his dream become a reality when he won Virginia Lottery's Cash 5 game in January.

The Woodbridge, Virginia man bought four tickets but instead of trying his luck with different numbers, he used the same set of numbers on each of the tickets. Why?

Apparently he had a dream in which the winning numbers, 3-10-17-26-32, were revealed to him. “I’ve never had a dream like that before,” Amole admitted.

Victor AmoleVirginia Lottery

Amole beat the 1 in 278, 256 odds when all four of his numbers hit the jackpot. Each ticket was worth $100,000 so he was awarded a total of $400,000 before taxes. The computer programmer, who is still reeling from his win, told Virginia Lottery that he plans to invest his winnings.

Winning the lottery with four tickets is almost unheard of, but what's even more brow-raising is Amole's claim that the numbers came to him in a dream. However, it turns out he isn't the only one who was lucky enough to see winning lottery numbers in his dream.

There have been a few other instances in which winners allegedly saw the lucky numbers in their dreams, including a family from New Jersey.

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