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6 Reasons The Pioneer Woman Is Not To Be Messed With

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It's not always easy to be a woman in America, especially in the business world where men often take the lead. However, Ree Drummond is not only turning that stereotype upside down, she's keeping close to her Heartland faith and family values!

Here is what happens when country spirit meets city-slicker attitude!

City Girl To Country Mama

She may be living it out on the land, but she got her education in the big cities of Chicago and Los Angeles!

Land, Ho!

Despite her humble beginnings as a blogger back in 2006, Drummond has amassed a huge amount of wealth, and that has translated into expansions of property. She is currently the 23rd largest land-owner in the United States with 433,000 acres where wild horses are known to roam free.

This Is TuTu Much

Among the many skills that Drummond has acquired over the years, one of her favorites is her ability to dance. She used to do ballet when she was a teenager, and although she praises it for keeping her flexible, she also points to it as something that saved her life as a youth.

She was nearly the victim of an abduction one night walking back to her car, and it was her agility that got her out of their grasp and away from the criminals.

She could never have imagined how her life would have turned out, and what she had in store in the years to come.

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