Meghan Markle Just Deleted All Her Social Media Accounts And People Are Wondering Why

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You're casually scrolling down your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed and you're wondering what the soon-to-be royal, Meghan Markle, is up to.

Prince Harry's 36-year-old fiancee hasn't been the most active person on social media after she started dating her future husband, but it was nice to have a candid glimpse into her life.

As of Tuesday January 9, Markle's accounts all gave a message similar to the one below.

The couple announced their engagement to the public on November 27, which made them the most talked about celebrities in the latter part of 2017.

Ever since then, we've scoured the internet trying to learn all we can about the soon-to-be bride. Many people remember her as an actress on the TV series Suits, but most of us don't know much about her life. That's where her social media accounts came in. We thought by following her we could gain exclusive access into the genuine lives of the royal family.

A little over a month after announcing their engagement, Markle deleted all her social media accounts.  

She has yet to give a statement on why she has chosen to go off the social media grid, but there may be a good reason for all this.

Prince William and his wife may shed some light into the future of one of our favorite royal couples.

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