Martina McBride Just Put Her House Up For Sale And It's So Gorgeous

Martina McBride is most well known for her superpowered voice. She's had an incredibly successful career belting out country ballads like "Concrete Angel" or "Independence Day", but she's also a well-known cook.

After two successful cookbooks, McBride is making the jump to TV with Food Network's Martina's Table.

She was excited about giving fans a glimpse of what she's like at home.

"I think they will just see a different side of me - me in my kitchen, cooking, hanging out with my family and friends," she told Entertainment Weekly.

It was on the show that we first got a look at McBride's gorgeous Franklin, TN property. The kitchen had a wide-open layout and a rustic charm. We loved the food, but most of us were dying for a look at more of the house.

Well here's our chance.

McBride put the almost 7600-square foot property up for sale for a cool $2.7 million. One look at the listing photos more than justifies the price.

The exterior of the home has a charming farmhouse feel, that's much older than the actual house, which was built in 2017. The wide front porch is perfect for hot summer days where you want to be outside, but not in the sun.

Something very unique about McBride's home is that she's actually situated right in the middle of downtown Franklin. That's very strange for a celebrity home, which is normally located in the suburbs.

The kitchen is, unsurprisingly, fantastic. It is very open with lots of room for moving around. There's s much counter space along the sides, but the large island is also perfect for more friendly get-togethers.

This is actually my favorite room in the whole house. The living room is right off the front entrance, but is separated by gorgeous wooden sliding doors. It helps maintain the farmhouse feel, but offers something truly unique.

The adjacent sitting room features a stone fireplace and looks just oh-so-cozy. With wooden floors and wooden roof the lived-in feel is complete.

The bathroom is more run-of-the-mill as far as celebrity bathrooms go, but it's still amazing. I'd love to take a deep soak in that tub!

The master bedroom is almost entirely windowed, letting in lots of natural light. I'm also a big fan of the tapered ceiling. The house might belong to a celebrity and be right in the middle of downtown, but everything about it says farm. I love that!

If you'd like to see even more of Martina McBride's home you can see the listing here.

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