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Woman Shares Her "Massive Mom Fail" After Her Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong

Facebook - Hilary Hard

When it comes to parenting, everyone wants to the best job they can. But the problem is that it's nearly impossible to know all the right things to do at all times.

One thing may work for some parents, while others experience absolute failure using the exact same method.

The same can be said for toys. Some toys are a huge hit with certain kids, but others absolutely hate them. I guess that's part of the challenge of being a toy manufacturer, and also as a parent.

One mom named Hilary Hard recently shared what she called a "massive mom fail," with her friends on Facebook, and it went viral.

It all started when she spotted a little toy for sale on Amazon.

"Let me share with y'all a massive mom fail I experienced tonight. So about a week ago, I noticed this toy for sale on Amazon," she wrote. "They're called "Yellies" and the whole concept is that the louder you yell at it, the faster it goes. Being the mother of a naturally loud and boisterous kid, I thought it would be the perfect Christmas present."

But like so many of us, she was too impatient to wait for Christmas, and I guess it's good that she checked it out in advance.

"I couldn't wait for Christmas. So I crack it open tonight, and get a good look at it. I test it out. I'm amazed at how powerful the little motor is... how fast the little legs move... how its creepy little eyes glow a lovely shade of radioactive green," she wrote.

Then came time to test it out on her son Leo.

"So I call Leo in. He looks at it, cocks his little head to the side. And then, obviously, I yelled at it. The spider ran for it. Leo starts screaming... the louder he screams, the faster the spider pursued him. He runs. And this is when we discovered the fun little feature in which the spider has a tendency to stop abruptly... pause for a couple seconds... spin in several erratic circles... and then turn towards wherever it senses sound... and take off in that direction. More screaming. Spider runs faster."

As she watched the scene unfold she realized that she probably just launched a life-long fear for her poor son.

"Leo is backed into a corner as murder glows green in the eyes of little "Skadoodle." So, in short, maybe a little electronic spider thats power source feeds off of screams of terror... is not the best Christmas gift for your small child. 10 years from now we'll be discussing this in therapy."

Poor little Leo. He didn't understand that the more he screamed, the more the little spider would chase after him.

It seems a bit like a vicious little toy, but I guess some kids may like it. Hard tried the toy once more, this time her son took what she called a "combative approach" to the little spider, continuously trying to pick it up and throw it as far away as possible.

So many moms appreciated this woman's experience because it's something a lot of them can relate to. At least most of them know that while you can't always be the perfect mom, you can at least commiserate with other moms about your failures.

If you want to see how your kids react to these little spiders, you can get them on Amazon. They are around $13, and who knows, maybe your kid will like them?

Personally, I'm with Leo. Keep anything spider-related away from me!

Source - Facebook - Hilary Hard / Love What Matters

What do you think of these weird little spiders?

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