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Gordon Ramsay's Generous Offer Stuns Eliminated Contestant Who Dreaded Going Home A Loser

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Each contestant had been assigned a pasta dish to make from scratch, and Gabriel was given cannelloni. Gabriel said it was a favorite of his to eat, but he had never made it before. The teen struggled to get the right shape of pasta, and it eventually landed him in the bottom two against his fellow contestant, and close friend, Yacheica.

Gabriel was eliminated, and every single contestant was both stunned and saddened. It was obvious that they all were rooting for Gabriel and wanted him to win this for his family.

As he's about to take off his apron, Gordon Ramsay tells Gabriel something that will change his life forever.

In what can only be described as one of the most powerful moments in MasterChef history, Gordon Ramsay proved once again that he is extremely generous despite his reputation. To see Gabriel have that weight lifted off his shoulders was so incredible to watch, and you could tell the other home cooks were just as happy as he was.

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