McDonald's Big Mac, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish Sauces Coming to Grocery Stores

Would you like to top your favorite dishes with McDonald's "secret" sauces? Well now you will be able to add a bottle of Big Mac, McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish Sauces to your grocery cart this spring.

McDonald's Canada has announced that the sauces will be available in grocery stores across the country this spring.

This announcement came just as the snow is melting and people are thinking about firing up their barbecues.

A specific launch date hasn't been announced yet, but Vancouver-based food and travel writer Diana Chan spotted the sauces at the Grocery and Specialty Food West Convention and shared them on her Instagram page.  She later blogged that they are working with Heniz and Kraft and will likely be made available to Americans too.

McDonald's has tried to stay connected with their customers, by continuing to offer your favorite food beyond their restaurant chains.

Several years ago, McDonald's Canada released a YouTube video on how to make a Big Mac sandwich in your own kitchen, as well as the ingredients to their famed "secret sauce".

“This is part of our continued commitment to giving Canadians more ways to enjoy McDonald’s,” Adam Grachnik, McDonald’s Canada spokesperson, said to Global News. “Judging by the response thus far, Canadians are very excited to hear this news!”

What do you think? Are you excited to add some of these sauces to your grocery bill?

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