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McDonald's Just Added 4 New Shamrock Shake Flavors


McDonald's announced that they are releasing FOUR new Shamrock Shake flavors this year, in addition to the classic mint flavor.

Be. Excited.

The new flavors involve two cold drinks and two hot ones.

Here are your options:

The Chocolate Shamrock Shake: half chocolate, half mint, topped with green sugar crystals and chocolate syrup.

The Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe: mocha frappe blended with Shamrock Shake syrup

The Shamrock Hot Chocolate: classic hot chocolate  with Shamrock Shake syrup

The Shamrock Mocha: classic mocha with Shamrock Shake syrup

Honestly, this is the best thing McDonald's could have ever given us besides unlimited chicken McNuggets.

If you're like me, you'll be trying each and every one of these. No judgement, because it's limited time only. Justify your indulgences by reminding yourself it's technically just embracing the moment.

Will you be rushing out to try the new items? Let us know!