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Take A Peak Inside The World's Fanciest McDonald's

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When I was a child, McDonald's was a staple in my diet. During every road trip, my parents would always make a pit stop at our favorite fast food joint and treat my brother and I to our beloved Happy Meals.

As an honored tradition, my family had stepped into quite a few restaurants, and seen them through several stages of re-branding. While some were still in its classic red vinyl seating, others have become more cozy, with some even installing a fire place.

Now in 2018, they have a self-serve kiosk, and McDonald's has become more stylish than ever. However, just because most have a renovated interior, doesn't mean they stack up anywhere close to a fine dining restaurant.

Well, except for one.

The McDonald's in Freeport, Maine does, as it's housed inside a 168-year-old mansion. This particular dining room features wooden chairs to sit on and candles adorning every single table.

Originally built as a residential mansion by William Gore in 1850, it was turned into a McDonald's in 1986.

But not everybody was happy with the transformation.

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