McDonald's Will Deliver, Starting Now

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Are you there McDonald's? It's me, Tristan.

Long had I hoped that fast-food titan McDonald's would hear my silent prayers for all day breakfast, and then low and behold, they came out with 24 hour Egg McMuffins, hash browns and other day-long deliciousness.

I don't want to seem greedy, but that wasn't all I was asking for. It seems "The Golden Arches"  heard that prayer too, and now they are unveiling what fast-food lovers everywhere have hoped for.

Eat This Not That

McDonald's will be launching delivery services in select locations while it tries to find a way to make the process more efficient.

Their huge announcement comes after a successful trial in the US where the restaurant chain teamed up with UberEats to get Big Macs, McChickens and other goodies to the people who wanted them (but didn't want to get in their cars).

"It's the next chapter in how we get freshly made, great-tasting food to our customers in a way that suits them and fits around their busy lives," said franchise owner Claude Abi-Gerges.

McDonald's said it will be keeping a close eye on events to make sure they aren't sacrificing quality for accessibility.

UberEats is happy about the news, which they needed after their parent company Uber was getting bashed in the papers over their CEOs alleged behavior.

"We're excited to be working with McDonald's," general manager Mathieu Proust said.


Don't go placing your order too fast though, there are some things you need to know first.

Details of how McDelivery is going to work on the next page.

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