She's The World's Oldest Lingerie Model and Still A Knockout

Age is just a number, and Mercy Brewer is showing that at 56 she still has what it takes to be a lingerie model.

The aging Scottish woman has been modeling for decades, but this might be her crowning achievement.

Mercy Face

Most fashion labels stay away from controversy and anything that doesn't fit with the accepted image of "beauty". Young, thin, tall. Lonely Lingerie breaks the mold and has run many advertising campaigns with women who don't fit those stereotypes, and their pictures come out far more beautiful than the standard shoots.

That made Lonely Lingerie and outspoken Mercy Brewer a perfect match.

"When we were looking for models who could broaden our definition of diversity we came across a televised interview of Mercy talking about her modelling career," designer Helene Morris told Elle magazine.

Mercy Brewer
Elle Australia

Morris says that the brand loved Brewer's humor, honesty and confidence.

"It was these inner qualities that are so aligned to the spirit of Lonely that drew Mercy to us."

Regardless of why they chose her, no one can argue that the photos are beautiful.

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