Meet The New Baking Tool That Should Be Released Soon - You Want This

Every once in awhile I decide to show someone that I care by baking an elaborate cake. I want to recreate the cool stuff I see on Cake Boss. I'm not crazy, I know I'll never be able to create a Cake Car or City Skyline, but I can at least cut a cake into a heart.

Or so I thought.

Sure there are tons of specially designed cake pans out there, including hearts, but after you've baked a dozen of these the novelty kind of wears off. If you're not a dessert sculptor, but still want to try something neat there's hope for you. Introducing: The Baking Ribbon.

Baking Ribbon
The Green Head

The Baking Ribbon is a magnetic silicone ribbon that's about 6 inches tall. It will magnetically attach to a steel baking pan and is flexible enough to be shaped into almost any design you can think of.

Shape, attach, and pour in your cake or brownie batter. It's as easy as that. The ribbon is non-stick, so when you're done you just peel it away and wash it.

The Green Head

The Baking Ribbon isn't available in stores yet, but hopefully the folks at Quirky are able to finish it soon.

See the ribbon in action here:

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