Meet The Woman Who Raises Chimps Like They're Human Babies

Like any woman with 2 young children to look after, Marta Llanes is very busy.

The 62-year-old is up at 5am, and pretty much stays on her feet for the next 17 hours. She has to cook, clean, and keep her two little rascals from making a mess of the house - they've already destroyed her TV, key board and phone.

But Marta, whose only daughter has grown up and moved out, isn't looking after human babies. Instead, she takes care of Ada and Anuma, a pair of infant chimps from the Havana Zoo.

Associated Press

Associated Press

In nature, chimpanzee mothers are very loving towards their kids, but chimps born in captivity don't have such great maternal instincts.

So since becoming a zoologist in 1983, Marta has fostered 10 baby chimps. From their birth until the time they can safely move back into the zoo, she raises them as if they were their own kids.

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This job isn't all fun and games. The chimps look cute, but at just 12 months old they're strong enough to climb to the ceiling and break her furniture. Plus, Marta has to keep her house toddler-proofed, with the sockets covered and her knives hidden.

Associated Press

Associated Press

Being a parent is tough (whether you're raising humans or chimps) but it's rewarding as well.

Marta may have her hands full, but her neighbors say the chimps are well behaved, and let's be honest - they're simply adorable!

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