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Meghan Markle Is Breaking Royal Tradition In More Ways Than One


The world is officially gushing over the latest royal engagement, and a lot of it has to do with the bride-to-be, Meghan Markle. A proud feminist, an American, and a celebrity in her own right, she brings a new face to the monarchy that suits Prince Harry and his youthful intricacies.

But there are some things about this couple that are breaking new ground in the way that the royals handle things.

Her Race

ABC News

Clearly, Meghan is not the same as princesses past, but this minor difference has been seized upon by both contrarians and supporters to the engaged couple.

Humble Beginnings

Growing up in the working class is the polar opposite of what the British royal family  could ever imagine. Meghan's father was a lighting director, and her mother a social support worker and yoga instructor.

Meghan worked her way into show business and has now reached amazing heights, but it is definitely not the typical royal story.

Previous Engagements

While not completely unheard of, a prince marrying a divorcee is always going to cause a stir at the reception. Meghan was previously married to producer Trevor Engelson, and while it is obvious that Prince Harry has no concerns, the Queen notably skipped Prince Charles' wedding ceremony because of Camilla Parker-Bowles former marriage. Will she miss this one too?

Across The Pond

There hasn't been an American union to the royal family in over 80 years, but the circumstances were much more unusual then, in a time where it would have been much more scandalous.

When King Edward VIII decided he wanted to marry the twice-divorced Wallis Simpson, he in fact abdicated the throne and became the Duke of Windsor in order to marry her.

American celebrities have been quick to congratulate the trans-Atlantic couple on their upcoming marriage.

Are you surprised by any of these facts?